Creative Rebirth: A Spiritual Transformation

Spiritual Transformation

We have to reinvent ourselves.

We fall apart; we’re disarmed and vulnerable. We’ve been broken, wrecked, and ruined before.

But we get up.

We transform. Like the phoenix who etches his wings before being consumed by his own flames. This mythical bird becomes ashes and is reborn from them. So it is with us. But we don’t immediately identify that we are in fact transforming.

We’re stuck. Unable to realize that everything we’ve been through is the catalyst to creating the life we’ve always imagined.


Because we are too focused on the pain, and there’s no blame in this. We have the scars to prove our lost childhoods and loved ones, the heartache experienced time and time again. We’ve been let down, failed; we’ve let our fears take over. Been consumed by our glorious flames.

But then something happens. We revive ourselves. We, in fact, have all of the potential to heal our wounds, to reborn from our ashes.

How do we do this?

Our Stories

We have a spiritual catharsis. When we take all the battle scars, the rejection and pain, and realize it’s all part of a greater purpose. We have new eyes, new ears, to help others, to grow and change lives with our stories.

We become storytellers and writers, artists and healers.

But we won’t immediately know this. We have to readjust to our ‘new’ selves, and we’ll deny our great calling by finding refuge in distractions. And when that happens, there is a clue to knowing we’re in the midst of that process. Suddenly, there is no comfort in our surroundings, and life has become just a tad more opaque and boring. The things we used to love no longer satisfy us.

This is the moment we get the urge to create.

Except we’re unsure of ourselves. Maybe we’ll doubt anyone else wants to hear what we have to say. We’re uncertain of how to begin. And at this I say

Begin Anyways.

Own the phoenix within you. Learn to fly by falling, tell your story. Don’t be blinded by the flames. This is your creative rebirth

Your spiritual catharsis.

©C.R. Lamothe 06/19/2013

Have you had battles to overcome and came out on the other side? Please share your own experiences in the comment section below.



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17 responses to “Creative Rebirth: A Spiritual Transformation

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  3. saima

    i love this metaphor of PHOENIX….simply relate already with this mythical bird…!

  4. Jackie

    Coincidence strikes again! This morning as I lay in my warm bed thinking and listening to the wind, I realised that I am a storyteller in many guises, and then I find your blog! How wonderful is the timing…….loved this post and look forward to reading more 😉

    • Hi Jackie! I love those kinds of confirmations, when we find something that is attuned to what we’ve been pondering. I’m glad you’ve found out you’re a storyteller! Look forward to seeing more of you here, discovering your own creative journey. 🙂


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  6. Hi. I love reading your blog. This one is specifically my favorite post, maybe because I’m in the process of having a creative rebirth. Being lovelorn, I find that writing out my thoughts, conjuring up my creative imagination, helps me deal with the pain and hastens the healing process. I’ve always liked to write, but I don’t really do that regularly. However, I realized that in times that I’m going through something, I’m most creative. Lately, I’ve been writing regularly, posting at least one blog entry per week. However, I intend to make writing and reading a daily habit.

    Thank you for writing this piece. Very well written and I love it!

    • Hi there! I’m so glad you enjoyed my article. I have also gone through this creative rebirth and wanted to share my reflection with others. You sound like you’re heading in the right direction with your own writing, and I hope to keep seeing you around to hear more of your process. Best wishes to you! xx ~Cindy

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  8. john

    I want to thank all of you who have commented. There is a true transformation happening and I believe it is available all the time. Some of us are “tapped-in” to the transformation while others it seems stand on the edge of the stream.

    I have experienced transformation recently. There is no finish line, only the journey.

    I decided to expend the energy to express in the smallest way my appreciation for and connectedness with all who are immersed in growth potential. All of this is for our own good.

    We are loved more than we can comprehend… I love you all, please maintain sight and focus, take care of yourselves, see through the eyes of love, the wonder and diversity of life !!! I need this, you need this, we All need this !!! thank you… thank you…. thank you…. We love you!!!

  9. A writer friend shared your words with me and I am so grateful. I having always been a “writer”, always thought there was a book within me but never got past the making notes stage…… Recently, I have started to blog and read the posts of others!
    Some, like yours are truly inspiring. I too love the Phoenix metaphor.

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